Campground rules

Opening Hours

  • – The campsite is accessible 24 hours for guests.
  • – Check-in is from 15:00 to 22:00, and check-out is until 12:00.
  • – Other check-in and check-out times are possible after consultation and for a fee.
  • – Late check-ins can be done via video.
  • – Visitors? Family and friends can visit with pass during the day until 23:00. Coordinate this with the host.
  • – A visitors pass costs 5 euros per person per part of the day (daytime or evening).


  • – Park only on our site in designated spaces. Do not park along the road or in front of neighbours’ houses.
  • – Remember your parking spot number. Use the same parking space for the duration of your stay.
  • – If you have parking issues or questions, our host is happy to assist.


  • – It must be quiet on the premises from 22:00 on.
  • – Amplified music is not allowed. Speakers may be confiscated and returned at check-out.
  • – Shouting, loud singing, noise, etc., are not allowed.
  • – Absolute silence must be observed on the campsite between 23:00 and 07:00.


  • – Smoking is not allowed in the outdoor kitchen and reception.
  • – Smoking in the accommodations or the use of hard drugs is absolutely NOT allowed and will result in a €150 fine plus immediate removal from the site.
  • – Smoking cannabis is only allowed in designated areas at the back of the site and by the accommodations at the back and on the east side. Our host will tell you exactly where.
  • – Cigarette butts and filters must always go in an ashtray and not on the ground. Please clean up after yourself.

Cleaning and Waste

  • – Keep your accommodation and surroundings tidy and leave it clean when you depart.
  • – After using the kitchen, everything must be washed and tidied up.Clean up washed and dried dishes immediately.
  • – Waste is separated into paper/cardboard, plastic, bottles, cans, household waste, and compost.
  • – There is a separate compost bin available for compostable (GFT) waste.
  • – Return empty beer or soda bottles, place them in the crate next to the refrigerator.


  • – We have so-called ‘urine-separating’ compost toilets.
  • – Sit down during use, men included.
  • – Place solids at the back and urine at the front.
  • – Add some sawdust at the back after your job.
  • – Toilet paper and empty toilet rolls go at the back.
  • – Please place sanitary pads and tampons in the trash can.


  • – There is a central campfire between 18:30-22:00.
  • – Outside these hours, it is not permitted to start one yourself.
  • – Firewood may NOT be collected by yourself but is for sale by the wheelbarrow. Ask the host.
  • – Wood for the indoor stoves in the Ark and Mimosa may not be used for outside fires.


  • – Use of the washing machine and/or dryer must be reported to the host.
  • – When using delivery services like Thuisbezorgd, provide the correct address and wait for the delivery on the street.

Be a Good Guest

  • – Be considerate of your neighbours
  • – Maintain silence between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
  • – Remove shoes in the accommodations and in the house. Leave them at the door.
  • – Dogs are not allowed.
  • – Be respectful when making calls and avoid disturbing other guests.
  • – Do not enter the surrounding (grass) fields.
  • – Do not use personally brought heaters or electric heaters in the accommodations.
  • – Repeated warnings will result in removal from the campsite.


  • – WIFI: “Camping De Helleborus Guest”
  • – Phone and WhatsApp: +31508505858
  • – Email: camping at